04 January 2015 by Piotr Staszewski

This is not a blog in the meaning of ‘periodic, short to medium length posts on a specific topic’. It’s more of a place to put in writing thoughts, findings, annoyances and general random stuff. In other words - a trash bin.

Having said that, I have a collection of loose topics that will probably make their way here:

  • Open source projects and collaboration
  • Operating systems, especially the Unix family
  • Easy embedded electronics, from MCUs to Raspberry Pi
  • Retro gaming, aka emulators galore
  • Musings on current and future states of the financial industries
  • Occasional ranting on whatever annoys me to the point of writing about it

There is no schedule; minimal (or maximum) post lengths. This is a completely non-commercial endeavour, at best it might help ‘promote myself’, whatever that is supposed to mean. The only thing that must be is quality, which boils down to honesty, factual accuracy and gracious application of a spell-checker. I don’t think anyone wishes to become an editor for me.

An average of a post a month would be a new record though.

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